Needs for the poor
Respect for the elderly
Strive for peace

Encourage people with disabilities
Understanding Treaty disputes
Preserve our Earth


Kirkwall and West Flamboro Presbyterian Churches have partnered in a “Seeds of Justice” Team to explore and speak to a variety of Justice issues in our society.

What does God want Christians to do about what is wrong and unfair in Canada and other parts of our world? How should we respond to child poverty, discrimination, sex slavery, war, pollution, climate change and other issues? In the spirit of the biblical prophet Micah, we want to "act justly and love mercy". Such a way of life, as modelled by Jesus, is to work for a society that respects all people and the world we live in.

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Previous Events

Over the past couple of years we have held sessions sponsored by our two churches and open to the public.

~~ At Kirkwall in September 2012, we sponsored a ‘Water Nite’ for the larger community to learn about water issues such as pollution, wastage and privatization.

~~ A successful community information event was held in September 2013 at West Flamboro Church, called ‘Water and Farmland First’, on the controversial topic of pipelines and energy.

~~ Recently we held “The Blanket Exercise” a creative experience of learning about the historical facts around the treatment of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.

~~ A "Forty Mile Feast" took place at Kirkwall in October 2014. All foods for the feast were sourced from within forty miles of Kirkwall. Attendees enjoyed the variety of dishes served. Following the meal, guests from "A Rocha Canada" gave an overview of the work they do. A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education, community-based conservation projects and sustainable agriculture. (Click HERE to view A Rocha's website.) A donation to Presbyterian World Service and Development (PWS&D) to support sustainable farming was given from the evening's freewill offering.

~~ On May 2, 2015 at West Flamboro Presbyterian we held a MOVIE NIGHT featuring the Canadian Documentary "POOR NO MORE" along with a panel presentation and discussion period following. This was a well-attended and thought provoking evening and really got the attendees reacting with stimulating questions and many opinions about our poverty circumstances locally and throughout Canada.

Lively discussions resulted from all of these presentations.

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New Events

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as events get organized.

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Possible Future Topics

Some of the areas that the Team wishes to investigate further:

Understanding with Indigenous peoples

Water and Farmland Protection

Climate and Energy Concerns

Biotechnology and Genetics

Health Care Issues (Accord is expiring)


War, Conflicts and Weapons

Migrant Worker Experiences

Mental Health in our Community

Do any of the above perk your interest? We would love to have more participants join our "Seeds of Justice" Team at Kirkwall & Flamboro Churches. Please contact Rose Janson at Kirkwall or Robert Brown at West Flamboro for additional information.

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Miscellaneous Links

The Presbyterian Church in Canada Justice Ministries Webpage

Click image below to visit this website

A Rocha Website

Click HERE to view A Rocha's website.

KAIROS Canada...an active social justice organization...

Did you know...KAIROS (Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives) unites 11 Canadian churches and religious organizations in a faithful ecumenical response to the call to “do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). KAIROS advocates for social change, amplifying and strengthening the public witness of its members.

Our National Church’s Justice Ministries, works with Kairos and other Churches to further social justice work. In order to broaden and deepen our work in Flamborough, we recently had the Associate Secretary, Stephen Allen, speak with both our congregations. This helps us to connect with the many justice resources of the Church, and to learn what the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s General Assembly is doing regarding environmental degradation, for example.

Click HERE to visit the KAIROS Canada website.

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