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Minister :    Rev. Dr. Ian McPhee   (See More Info on the "Church Info/Leadership Team" Page)

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Clerk of Session :  Elaine Krompart

Simply stated, the Clerk of Session acts as an "Administrative Assistant" whose duties include: recording the Minutes of all Session Meetings, preparing the Session Report for the Annual Meeting, handling relative correspondence, assisting in arranging security checks, keeping statistics and reporting these to Presbytery and Head Office (e.g. membership, weddings, funerals etc.) and informing elders of any pastoral concerns that may arise from time to time.

For more detailed information on the Role of the Clerk of Session, please refer to the "Leadership Team" page and choose the "Link" for the Presbyterian Church in Canada's "Book of Forms".

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Presbytery Representative :    Elaine Krompart

An elder appointed by The Session who attends Hamilton Presbytery Meetings on behalf of the Session and congregation of our church. The main role is to act as a liaison between Presbytery and our Session.

Need more information? Refer to the "Leadership Team" page and click on the "Link" for the "Book of Forms".

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Treasurer :    Barbara William

The Treasurer sits on the Finance and Maintenance Team (F&M) and is responsible for preparing the Annual Budget, handling banking transactions, liaising with the Envelope and PAR Administrator, processing investments approved by F&M, tracking all financial transactions of the church, paying all bills associated with the operation of the Church. These include, but are not limited to the following: Paid Staff remuneration, Minister’s housing, utilities and benefits, Presbytery Dues, Presbyterian Record (Congregation Plan) , Presbyterian World Service & Development payments, utility bills, Office Supplies, Teams budgeted expenses and miscellaneous church and manse maintenance expenses.

These duties involve keeping current on the Presbyterian Church in Canada’s policies and Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

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Envelope & PAR Administrator :    Sandra Zwerver

The Administrator is responsible for the ”Pre-Authorized Remittance” (PAR) Plan which allows individuals in the congregation who wish to have automatic deductions from their Bank released and deposited as donations to our church. This process is encouraged as it results in more consistent givings (especially when congregants are unable to attend a service or services) and assists the Treasurer in knowing that a certain financial base is being received each month. For donors who use the envelope process, the Administrator assigns envelope numbers to individuals who in turn can use these assigned numbered envelopes for making donations to the work of the church. Charitable Donations Receipts are issued to contributors by the administrator according to Canada Revenue Agency Regulations.


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Music Director :    Sandra Jenvey

This position involves working along with the minister to plan upcoming worship services and suggest musical and choral numbers to complement the services. The Director encourages participation in the choir by church attendees, researches sheet music and other music materials, arranges for licenses for copying music and maintains an organized supply of music for future reference and use. Sandy leads the weekly choir practices usually held on Wednesday evenings. She informs the Finance and Maintenance Team when instruments need tuning or other maintenance to keep them in good operating condition.

Pictured above are the Music Director with her husband Rev. Steve

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Young Children and Worship Ministry :    Rachel Suljic

The leader of this important facet of the Church researches and obtains Bible Study materials suitable for children 4 years old and up, teaches these children along with an assistant (called a “Shepherd”) in a special area of the building called the “Discovery Zone”. Discovery Zone starts immediately following the Children’s story which happens part way through the normal Sunday morning worship service. The leader recruits volunteer teachers and assistants and sets up and maintains the teaching schedule during the year.

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Nursery :    Pat Haskell

The Nursery is provided for congregants with youngsters aged 3 and under and is available during normal Sunday morning worship. The person in charge of organizing the Nursery seeks suitable volunteers from the congregation to provide a “Day Care” type of activity for these children.

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Greeters/Ushers :    Robert Brown

This person seeks volunteers (minimum of one for each Sunday service and special services) who are at the Middletown Road narthex to provide a friendly welcome to those gathering for worship. A schedule of Greeters is maintained for each worship service so that persons are aware well in advance when they are required to volunteer. The Greeter is at the Narthex at least twenty minutes prior to the start of the service and is also responsible for collecting the offering (but not counting) during the service with another person of their choosing.

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Membership Directory :    Graham Hicks

This volunteer keeps an up-to-date database record of church attendees, notes those who are members, mailing addresses, phone numbers and the elder who is responsible for each individual. The directory is usually published once a year. Persons in the congregation who wish to be included in the directory or who are aware of any changes that need to be made are asked to notify the above volunteer.

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Memorial Fund :    Joyce White

This volunteer receives and tracks donations that are made by any individuals in memory of persons who have passed away. Receipts are prepared in conjunction with the church treasurer. Donations can be directed to the church’s General Fund or to the Memorial Fund. A letter is prepared and sent to the family whose loved one has passed away stating who has given a donation in memoriam. A report is issued for inclusion in the church’s Annual Report.

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Flower Fund :    Marlene Bogle

At Easter each year donations are made by congregants to go towards purchasing Easter Lillies or other flowers in memory of loved ones who have departed. The above person keeps track of these donations and provides the information to the Church Treasurer and Envelope and PAR Administrator so that receipts can be issued where required.

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Website & Internet :    Robert Brown

Our Website is dynamic and can be updated very quickly with changes to existing or for new information. The Internet is a valuable tool that makes our Church's website available to our congregation, the community or other interested people in various parts of the World. Note the scrolling text on the "Home" page which briefly shows upcoming events and guides the observer to the appropriate page for more details.

The “Month at a Glance” page presently shows the current and next Month’s activities. This information can be instantly updated. The webmaster relies on many individuals in the Congregation to provide the detailed information for posting. Please keep our Webmaster informed of any items that you feel are valuable to post on the Web. Contact information is available on our “Contact Us” page or by calling the webmaster at the phone number in the Church Directory.

If you are new to the site, please take some time to browse through our various pages listed on the left side. Enjoy your visit and we hope you find the information valuable and that you will become a regular visitor. The church’s website is currently maintained by our Webmaster, Robert Brown.

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Audio/Visual (A/V) :    Robert Brown

A completely new A/V System was installed at the time of our Sanctuary Renovation Project in early 2011. We now have several features which are enhancing the worship experience for our congregation. Some of the many features are as follows:

Wireless & hard wired microphones, media inputs, Assistive Listening for those with hearing loss, switchable video inputs, front & rear ceiling mounted projectors, capability to transmit A/V from the Sanctuary system into the Fellowship Hall and many more. The System, once set up doesn’t require an A/V technical operator to be at the controls for operating the system during services and other functions.

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NOTE : All of the Teams listed below report directly to The Session.

Mission & Outreach :    Laurie Galer

The M&O team endeavours to spread the good news of Christ’s gospel through a variety of programs targeting our local church, the surrounding community, the greater Hamilton area and even nationally and internationally. Persons of all ages benefit from these programs. The following are some examples of the mission and outreach work of the team:

- Friendship Camp (formerly Vacation Bible School) is held during the Summer

- Kids Day Out! happens on most of the school system’s Professional Development days when the children (ages 4 – 12 years) attend an all day program centred around Christian Themes, games, songs, cooking and crafts

- “Teen Zone” is part of Hamilton’s Inner City Mission held at the Eva Rothwell Centre in East Hamilton every Wednesday evening and several members of the team volunteer

- Senior’s Luncheon every Thursday at the Eva Rothwell Centre

- Mission Trips by members of the team to other countries: Haiti (disaster relief and medical mission work), India (medical mission work, particularly for vision care among the needy) and a trip is being planned in the Dominican Republic in 2013

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Pastoral Care :    Bruce Davey

The Pastoral Care Team meets on a regular monthly basis to plan effective means of rendering support to fellow Church members. The Team also studies guide books relative to this area of care and some members attend applicable seminars and conferences to improve their understanding of how to handle pastoral concerns of the congregation. The Team is always eager to have feedback from the congregation on all pastoral care matters.

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Finance & Maintenance :    Robert Brown

The Finance & Maintenance (F & M) Team

The Convenor conducts all Regular and Special Team Meetings or in their absence, appoints a replacement.

The Team is responsible for:

The Budget; finances; insurance; planning; opening and closing of the facilities for Sunday and Special Services; and all other duties & responsibilities as come to their attention or as may be assigned by Session

Vice Convenors carry out their responsibilities under the direction of the F & M Team and report thereto.

Sub Team 1 – Building Utilities : Robert Brown

Heat; light; plumbing; water; fire protection; humidifiers; dehumidifiers; timers

Sub Team 2 – Building, Furnishings & Equipment : Eric Schmidt

Painting; decorating; repair; cleanliness; janitorial equipment and supplies; Audio & Visual systems; organ; pianos; furniture & furnishings, refrigeration; stoves; office equipment

Sub Team 3 – Manse Upkeep & Church Yard Maintenance: Ron Jameson

Liaison with manse tenants for all maintenance and repair; grass cutting and snow removal; gardens; parking areas; clearing, salting & sanding walks; Spring clean-up

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This energetic group of ladies & men are mainly focused on activities involving the Kitchen and Fellowship Hall. The following are examples of their involvement:

Catering to functions such as the congregation Annual Meeting, showers, funerals etc. Some of these catering events generate some funds which the Ladies deposit in their bank account for use in part to purchase items mentioned below

Purchasing & maintaining a stock of supplies for the kitchen (coffee, tea, napkins, paper towels, plastic wrap etc)

Laundering linens, wash cloths and tea towels etc.

Checking stock of china (cups, saucers, plates, pitchers etc.) and replacing as necessary

Covering the cost of hiring personnel to strip the wax, wash and re-wax the floors in the Fellowship Hall, Kitchen and Washrooms

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Helen G. Mullin W.M.S. Evening Auxiliary :   Evelyn Flatt

The Helen G. Mullin Evening Auxiliary is a branch of the Women’s Missionary Society and is Canadian. All women are welcome to join this group. Meetings are usually on the 4th Thursday of the month (except July & August). Among other activities, the women hold Bible Studies, learn about the accomplishments and activities of current Presbyterian Missionaries (both abroad and in Canada), participate in local mission projects (e.g. putting together baby “layettes” which are “kits” used in foreign lands to fulfil some of the needs of mothers with newborns in deprived nations around the world).

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Fun & Fellowship :    Carol Brown

Fun & Fellowship (F&F) is a group that usually meets on a monthly basis under the leadership of President(s), Secretary and Treasurer. It is an autonomous organization whose main purpose is to provide a variety of social gatherings to encourage participation in this and other church groups. A few years ago the group took on the sponsorship of a needy child in Haiti and many of the funds raised in former F&F events went to support this worthy cause. Part of some of the F&F gatherings have short worship/meditation periods. The group has, among many activities that have happened, attended live theatre productions, dinners at specialized restaurants, BBQ and tour of Bogle Seeds and toured the Dundas Historical Museum. All adults are welcome to attend these functions.

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This is an enthusiastic group of "older folks" who volunteer as a "fixit committee". They usually meet on Wednesday mornings and do repairs on the church's facilities under the guidance and direction of the Finance & Maintenance Team. We always welcome anyone who is willing to tackle a variety of "fixit" projects and you don't need any specialized skills...just a willingness to help as you are able. We take a break around 10 A.M. for some refreshments and then usually wind up our projects by noon. Examples of projects include: replacement of burned out lamps, changeout washers on water taps, drywall and concrete wall repairs, minor painting, door adjustments etc. Come on out on a Wednesday, be surprised at what you can accomplish all the while having a good social may learn some new skills or teach others your skills as well.

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